fantastic workability. cures hard.
Self adhesive.

Celastic ® is a versatile material that works like wet fabric when activated, but cures to a hard, rigid form capable of being drilled, sanded and painted. It functions well at any size right down to small strips easily cut with scissors. Multiple techniques may be combined to achieve high detail in both positive or negative molds.

Celastic is available by the sheet or in 120-foot rolls

Celastic is an Affordable, Moldable, Professional Modeling Textile

Forms in Positive & Negative Space

Lay up Celastic around a sculpted model, or inside of a negative cavity space.

Adjustable Drying Time

Add MEK or a Solution of MEK and Acetone to Celastic while working to prolong the working time.

Self Adhesive

Creates a lasting bond with itself when applied while activated.